The list of nominations for the Constantin Brâncoveanu Diaspora Awards is now opened

25 March 2019|Culture, Uncategorized|

The jury of the Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards, organized by the Alexandrion Foundation, gathered on Friday, March 22nd, to set the timetable for the events of the year 2019. The calendar of events organized by the Alexandrion Foundation in 2019. The jury members decided that the Constantin Brâncoveanu Diaspora Gala Awards would be held on May [...]

Acad. Răzvan Theodorescu is the Executive Chairman of the Brâncoveanu Awards Jury

20 February 2019|Culture, Uncategorized|

The Alexandrion Foundation Board of Directors met last week and decided to appoint Professor Răzvan Theodorescu, Vice President of the Romanian Academy, as Executive Chairman of the jury for the the Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards 2019. At the same meeting, it has been decided to appoint  as members of the Jury the academician Dumitru Radu Popescu [...]

The Constantin Brâncoveanu International Awards awarded in the United States

28 November 2018|Culture, Uncategorized|

The Alexandrion Foundation awarded for the first time the Constantin Brâncoveanu International Awards in the United States. The awarding took place on Tuesday during the inaugural ceremony in the renowned New York Public Library. The Constantin Brâncoveanu International Awards represent a major step for the Alexandrion Foundation in the process of recognising the true international [...]

Alexandrion Foundation Cyprus honored Romania’s 100th year anniversary

12 November 2018|Culture|

In an atmosphere full of glamour and harmony and in the presence of selected guests, A.G. Leventios Gallery became the venue where Alexandrion Foundation Cyprus honored Romania’s 100th year anniversary, awarding prominent personalities of Romania who honor their country of origin through their successful work and career establishment abroad. Alexandrion Foundation Cyprus, which was launched [...]

The first nominees for the Constantin Brancoveanu Awards

11 September 2018|Culture, Uncategorized|

The Alexandrion Foundation organized, on Monday, 10th of September, a debate regarding the nominees for  the Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards, a cultural event held on October 2, 2018 at the Royal Palace - the National Art Museum from Bucharest. The guests, along with members of the jury, made a series of nominations for the Constantin Brâncoveanu Prizes [...]

The sculptor Marian Zidaru wins the design contest for the Constantin Brâncoveanu trophy

9 July 2018|Culture|

Marian Zidaru is the grand winner of the creative contest for the new “Constantin Brâncoveanu Trophy”. The panel of judges decided that the model “Crucea Trup” (cross body) would bring the prize worth € 7.000 to the artist. The competition had as a premise finding the next trophy for the Constantin Brâncoveanu Gala, an event [...]

The Alexandrion Foundation launched the first edition of the Sinaia Debates

3 April 2018|Culture, Uncategorized|

The Alexandrion Foundation organized the first edition of the "Sinaia Debates”, on March 30 - 31, by launching a series of debates of public interest with both national and international renowned participants. The "Sinaia debates" is a concept that brings together national and international personalities from the political, administrative, legal and mass media fields, in [...]

The nominations for “Matei Brancoveanu” Gala, 3rd edition, have been opened

3 January 2018|Culture, Uncategorized|

Matei Brancoveanu awards are dedicated to artists, cultured people and early-career scientists. This year Matei Brâncoveanu Awards Gala will take place on December 12. The proposals and nominations can be submitted online either on the addresses: or, partner of the event since the beginning, and directly at the Alexandrion Foundation headquarters in 19 A Nicolae [...]

“Matei Brâncoveanu” Awards Gala – the 3rd edition announced its winners

5 December 2017|Culture, Uncategorized|

The winners of "Matei Brâncoveanu" Awards 2017, excitement and applause More than a hundred guests attended the "Matei Brâncoveanu" Awards on Tuesday evening. It is for the third year in a row when the Alexandrion Foundation organizes this event, where young artists, cultured people and early-career scientists were awarded. The selection of the candidates was [...]

Alexandrion Foundation was launched in Cyprus

28 November 2017|Culture, Uncategorized|

Famagusta Gate, host of the launch event of Alexandrion Foundation in Cyprus Alexandrion Foundation now also has a subsidiary in Cyprus. On Monday, 27th November 2017, the Foundation awarded a series of personalities from Cyprus and Romania, who helped to strengthen relations between the two countries. Alexandrion Foundation was established in 2003 in Romania as [...]